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AEO Certification (authorized economic operators)/Mexico OEA: A tool to elevate companies competitiveness

AEO Certification (authorized economic operators)/Mexico OEA: A tool to elevate companies competitiveness

…for FAST Lane Use

Concept of AEO – (WCO).- The Annex I of the SAFE framework of standards defines an Authorized Economic Operator as a, “party involved in the international movement of goods in whatever function that has been approved by or on behalf of a national Customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards. AEOs may include manufacturers, importers, exporters, brokers, carriers, consolidators, intermediaries, ports, airports, terminal operators, integrated operators, warehouses, distributors and freight forwarders.”

The Authorized Economic Operator is a program that seeks to strengthen the supply chain of foreign trade through the implementation of international security standards acknowledged within the private sectors and that awards benefits to the participating companies.


  • In June 2005 in a World Customs Organization Council Session held in Brussels, the WCO Members unanimously voted in favor of the SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and facilitated foreign Trade.
  • The objectives of the SAFE Framework of Standards.
  • Create standards that guarantee the supply chain security and facilitation at an international scale to promote certainty and predictability.
  • Charter the integrated and harmonized supply chain management for all means of transportation.
  • Upgrade the roles, functions and capabilities of Customs to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the Custom administrations to reinforce their capability to detect high-risk consignments.
  • Promote the supply chain of goods through secure international seamless channels.
  •         In 2012 the Authorized Economic Operator of Mexico (OEA) was born.

The 1, 2, 3 of the AEO Certificate

  1.     The Certification program aims to boost the fiscal, customs and security compliance.
  2.     Undertakes to strengthen the security in the supply chain of foreign trade through the implementation of minimum global standards acknowledged within the private sectors and addresses them with benefits.
  3.     It initially began certifying international trade businesses, however it gradually started adding multiple players to the program with the objective to create capable competition within trade partners and secure a safe passage of goods through trusted companies.

The Authorized Economic Operator creation as well as the North American C-TPAT, for the soul purpose to bolster security within the international supply chain, fighting terrorism, drug trafficking, among other threats.


Companies subject to AEO

  • Trading and importer companies.
  • Holding company.
  • Industrial warehouse
  • SECIIT (Electronic System for Temporary Import Inventory Control)
  • Logistic outsourcing.
  • Strategically Fiscal area.

 Commercial Partners candidates for the certification

 The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), seeks to accomplish a chain supply of international security in its totality therefore the certification of commercial partners in a more modern sense is being done.


  • Terrestrial Carrier.
  • Customs Agents.
  • Rail Carriers.
  • Industrial zone.
  • Fiscal zone.
  • Package delivery company and courier service.

General procedure to obtain the Authorized Economic Operator certification 

  • Perform an analysis of compliance with the costume’s regulations.
  • An analysis of the financial solvency.
  • A procedure development of an applicable profile.
  • Filling of the application.
  • Maintenance of the enclosure.

 Benefits obtained by the exporting and importing companies when certified as an AEO

  • Decrease in custom recognition to a 2%.
  • Facilitation within customs, decreasing time durations and expenses as a result of the use of a fast-lane.
  • Authorities considered it low-risk and ease the possibility of being audited in foreign trade.
  • It allows the ratification of applications without the authority’s concession.
  • It allows the payment of taxes when in custom recognition there are surplus of goods.
  • It allows for a monthly complimentary procedure for the payment of the 303 of the NAFTA agreement.
  • It allows for a change of regime in an application, from a temporary to a definitive of several importation applications.
  • Apply PROSEC in a regime change.
  • Disregard number series in all the documents of importations.
  • Transform temporary goods in the country for its definitive importation.
  • In allows the use of PROSEC or Rule 8th base on virtual operations.
  • It allows for amendment, avoiding suspension of the importers registry.
  • It excludes from the PAMA’s (Administration Procedure of Customs) and allowing correcting the irregularity.
  • Among others.

As we acknowledge, any company that has the AEO certificate will have many benefits, mainly on the facilitation and swift crossing of goods, as well as in the optimization of the duration of the operations and all this without a doubt also creates a competitive tool that eases the development of commercial opportunities of who participates within these blueprints.

How can Asesores Stretego Help?

Phase 1: AEO Training

Phase 2: Diagnostic to obtain Certification AEO

A diagnostic audit that confers the viability of the services.

Phase 3 AEO authorization

Internal assessment, to obtain the Economical Authorized Operation (AEO) according to the work amount that corresponds.